Wednesday, October 24, 2012

My Brain is Running Away with Ideas

Ever since I made the decision to get myself financially in order to buy a house-or more likely a condo-my brain has been running rampant how I'd like to decorate. Jump the gun much, self?

I have a bunch of house items already-including a love seat, dishes, and one bedroom set-most of which are hand-me-downs. So I made a decision to buy myself a new bedroom. The furniture I have now will go in my guest room after some refinishing. I’m dying to pick out my own mattress since I’ve always had someone’s old one. I already have a bed in mind. It’s a gray upholstered beauty from World Market. At the moment I want to combine it with navy walls, white furniture, and yellow accents. Navy & gray and gray & yellow are both very hot right now according to Apartment Therapy.
I've even priced out chest freezers. Because I'm insane.
On the bright side, he imaginary decorating help ease the anxiety of OH MY GOD I’M SAVING FOR A PLACE—I’M A GROWN UP and everything that goes along with it. And it's an excuse to comb the far reaches of pinterest and the rest of the internet for stuff I like.
I do need to stop looking at realtor pictures of pretty places online because I get sad when they’re sold. I do need to keep current on the cost in my area, though. Don’t I? Perhaps I should set up a parental control to help.

And now to end on a completely different note-how is next week November?!

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