Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Nerd Alert

If you know me, then you know I’m a huge Big Bang Theory fan. Sheldon is my homeboy. In fact, I’m now 2 degrees away from Jim Parson, which I’m unreasonably excited about. I was three degrees away when I found out a coworker went to college with John Ross Bowie who plays Kripke (the guy with the speech impediment) on the show. So I, of course, tweeted my excitement. And John Ross Bowie answered out of curiosity. (This is why he’s awesome-follow him @johnrossbowie).

Anyway. I’ve always leaned slightly to the nerd side of things, but I think it’s starting to get out of control. Because of references on Big Bang Theory and a few posts by the Bloggess- I’ve been watching Dr. Who.

I know. Don’t judge. For those of you who don’t know, Dr. Who is a BBC show about a time traveling alien (Time Lord) who’s the last of his kind who goes on all sorts of adventures through space and time with a female companion. The new episodes (the show originally ran from 1963-1989, but I haven’t watched any of these) are free on Amazon Instant Video if you have Amazon Prime, so I figured what the hell? I’ll watch the first episode and see what it’s all about.

They make references to Britney Spears “Toxic”, Harry Potter (super nerd moment), and some other things that I assume I’d understand if I were British (I’d love to live over there for a year-it’s on my life list). I just love the accents and they’re humor. I LOVE Downton Abbey (please don’t go, Maggie Smith!), and used to watch Are You Being Served? as a kid (my grandparents didn’t have cable and we liked to see what color Mrs. Slocum’s hair was going to be), and have watched 2 seasons of The Tudors-which might technically be American, but it has Henry Cavill. Whoa, off topic again.

I’ve started season five of Dr. Who now. And they’ve switched Doctors again. I know that I’m really into the show by the fact that this upsets me. Even more so than when Rose left. David Tennant was a fantastic Doctor. Matt Smith is ok-he’s different, but his disappearing eyebrows kind of freak me out and I’m finding it difficult to get passed it. Plus, his hair is bordering on Criss Angel, and that’s just not what I look for in a Time Lord. Have I lost you? Sorry.

David Tennant/ via
Matt Smith/ via

The short and short of it is that I’m now guilty of waiting for a mad man in a blue box. Oy.

I promise I won’t start watching Star Trek. Probably. Someone stop me if I do. But I can’t promise to never play “Rock, Paper, Scissors, Lizard, Spock”.

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  1. You SHOULD start watching Star Trek. And Dr. Who is awesome. And I found you through your comment on The Bloggess' dead pony post. And now I'm one of your Google ;p