Wednesday, March 14, 2012

I'm a Plant Killer

Not intentionally. I just have kind of a bad track record with plants-especially at my current residence. I killed two smaller plants and two larger plants from Ikea. I also managed to kill a bamboo---I KNOW. I accidentally tore some of his roots when I was moving him into a bigger vase with a new friend. The friend is still alive. I also had an orchid that died after I moved-but they don't like changing their environment, so I don't count that as my fault.

I also killed a Peace Lily at the office. I forgot to water her for too long and then when I did she didn't bounce back so well. Sheldon (my ZZ plant (doesn't everyone name their plants?)) is still alive-- and flourishing I might add. (One of the plants I killed at home was a ZZ. Different environments, perhaps?)

Anyway, I went to the Philadelphia Flower Show on Sunday. It was the last day of the show and we went early so it really wasn't crowded. The exhibits were pretty cool-but so not worth the $28 (at a discount!) entrance fee. But they had a ton of vendors and it was the last day of the show, so a lot of stuff was discounted.


I got three new house plants. They're fairly small and were $13.50 all together, so if they die I won't be too upset about it. I got a ficus. I think I'm going with Freddie for him. Apparently they're pretty easy-so I have high hopes for his survival. I also picked up a crown of thorn that has small pink flowers. Her name is Marlena. I'm iffy about how I'll do with her. Especially since I forget the instructions that were written on the stand. I really should have written that down. The third one I got was a jade. Her name is...wait for it...Jade. Jades are supposed to be good for friendship, luck, and money. I wonder how long I have to keep her alive before the money part kicks in? She seems pretty durable, so fingers crossed!

Anyone have any good houseplant tips? Or should I just believe was Google has to say?

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